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 How to earn more money from your site?

Register and login to the site!Please check your email to activate your account! This information applies to all sites! Enter the site and see all the ads! See your account! – You have not earned. Money are earned from leased users on the site – (Rented Referrals)  Buy at the beginning only 3 to 5 users and see how your account will increases. After time you can buy 100 and so on… From each ad you get points that you will use to extend the rent of (Rented Referrals).               My strategy: Rent (Rented Referrals) and to expand to 150-200 days! Note: – (Rented Referrals) who are not working are replaced by others…

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This information applies to all site!Register and log in to the site! See all the ads!
Ads are viewed every day to report activity that takes no more than ten minutes.
The time for watching ads is 5-30 seconds according to the price of advertising on each ad
receive points that make money. Points will use to extend the rent of (Rented referrals).
Most sites offer purchase (Rented referrals) of which earn much more! when you do
such a purchase (Rented referrals) must log in and watch ads every day to get
money from them! This applies to (Direct referrals) – these are the people who are invited to register
online via your – (My Affiliate Link). It will find it on the website! After making the payment amount withdraw money in PayPal, and other processors. In these online processors can also register later! For amounts above one dollar wants confirmed account processor PayPal.Za to verify your account to use the processor PayPal debit card VISA. Enter the debit card CPU-card money should have at least $ 3 dollars, of which $ 2 dollars PayPal will withdraw from your card VISA.Tezi money PayPal will return them to your account after you enter a code that will pick up from bank issuing your karta.Registratsiyata do with name and address as listed on your card!


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